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Here at asenno we are building service robots of future.

Our goal is to merge the future of technology with our present day. We are blending the ease of futuristic technology with the convenience of executing day to day tasks in our modern world.

We are developing service robots that are capable of handling the repetitive and boring tasks across different industries. Our robots are designed to improve efficiency, enhance productivity and give room for creativity by automating the menial tasks while reducing cost and operational spending.

We understand the common fear that automation and robots will take jobs away. While this fear may be true for specific jobs, we believe that such repetitive and unproductive tasks were not meant for humans anyway. Not only has the industrial revolution brought about more jobs than ever, more opportunities have opened up across several fields and we are hoping to pioneer this new direction by creating more avenues for people to focus on the important and productive tasks while automating the boring jobs. With technology, People went from working at farms to working at factories/offices and more prospects have opened up in remote spaces that allow people to work from home.